Enlighten is the most advanced laser system in the world for the fast, effective and safe removal of tattoos and benign pigmented skin lesions. It features extremely short and high-power pisosecond laser pulses which efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos. Picosecond pulses remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions that traditional lasers used in the past.

The total number of treatment sessions vary depending on the composition, depth and colors of the ink as well as the size of the tattoo. Multiple treatment sessions are usually required. With older lasers,most patients need 15-20 treatments, but with the new picosecond technology in the EnlightenTM laser,most patients are pleased after 6-8 sessions.

Tattoo removal is an uncomfortable procedure, BUT the session is very quick lasting under 5-10 minutes in most cases of small to medium tattoos. Pricing varies according to size. We have many templates to use to measure your tattoo and will be happy to do a free consultation.


Following the procedure, an ointment and protective bandage is applied. The area will swell, peel and even possibly blister following treatment. Once peeling has stopped, no further ointment is needed. Repeat sessions may usually be done in 6-8 weeks. In some areas of the body, it may be necessary to wait 12 weeks for the next session. Talk to your laser technician for more information. Call 903-957-3409 now to set up a FREE consultation.







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