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What is it!

The O Shot® (Orgasm Shot®) Procedure is a specific way of using growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina and clitoris for help with stress incontinence and with sexual dysfunction. The procedure was developed by Dr. Charles Runels. Dr. Strobel is a trained provider of this procedure. The website for more information on this procedure is here.

Female sexual dysfunction can occur due to a multitude of conditions. Dr. Strobel and her staff strive to evaluate the patient thoroughly to address each issue in order to achieve the best results possible. Women of any age may suffer with sexual problems. In fact, from 30 up to 50% of women are estimated to suffer.

Take back your sex life & more!

Unfortunately, many women still suffer even AFTER visiting with a gynecologist. Why? Only an estimated 14% of patients even feel comfortable enough to talk to their physicians. Also, many doctors are either uncomfortable talking about sexual disorders OR are not trained to treat such conditions. Men have been able to turn to their doctors for years to ask for prescriptions such as Viagra and Cialis, but if their sexual partner is unreceptive, unwilling, unable, or unsatisfied, then the relationship will suffer. The good news is that WE CAN HELP!







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