Low Testosterone Evaluation & Treatment

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone in men (and women) is a very common condition which can adversely affect how you live and age. Low testosterone is now known to be a risk factor for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia and even prostate cancer!

Males with low testosterone often exhibit symptoms such as irritability, joint pain, disrupted sleep, fatigue, memory changes, trouble concentrating, poor muscle recovery, poor response to exercise, and weight gain (especially around the waist). While the above symptoms are often seen early on, sexual symptoms such as low libido and erectile dysfunction often do not occur in males until levels are VERY low.

A simple blood test can tell if you may be suffering from low testosterone. The treatment is simple.  Dr. DeAn Strobel and her staff have many years of experience in treating males who suffer from testosterone deficiency.







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